Reception and transmission of WhatsApp™ messages

The WhatsApp™ broadcast system allows to send a message to all members belonging to a group, and is one of the strengths of the platform. This is an important feature for business and government use, because it permits to communicate in real time with a wide "audience", trough a WhatsApp™ ID.

WhatsApp™ ID Hosting

About the "WhatsApp?™ ID"

  • An ID is the WhatsApp™ identity (account) WhatsApp™, activated by a public or private entity, associated with a GSM telephone number (MSISDN);;
  • An unique identifier that is necessary in order to use the WhatsApp™ service.
HighConnexion offer the creation and hosting services of your new WhatsApp™ ID!

How to activate a new WhatsApp™ ID?

The customer will be prompted for a valid SIM Card (italian mobile phone operators), then High Connexion Italia will activate the new WhatsApp™ account and will customize it using a picture provided by the customer.

WhatsApp™ ID hosting benefits with regard to the smartphone use

  • Always working service (even when the phone is switched off);
  • A truly reliable service dedicated to companies;
  • Importing and exporting of your preexisting address book;
  • Games creation, Store Locator (geolocalized information for your customers), autoresponder with email notification to the Administrators;
  • SMS Sending and receiving service, at the same time with the WhatsApp™ messages.